Turning Inserts

Estool Turning Inserts has an excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Generally, it can resist corrosion by the atmosphere, acid, alkali, etc., and is not easily oxidized.
The compressive strength of cemented carbide is as high as 6000MPa and the elastic modulus is (4 ~ 7) × 105Mpa, which are all higher than that of high-speed steel.

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Turning Inserts
These premium turning inserts are made of superior carbide grades for longer life and a smoother finish.

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Estool Turning Inserts have high hardness (86-93HRA, equivalent to 69-81HRC), small coefficient of linear expansion, and stable shape and size during operation. This product has a good thermal hardness (up to 900-1000 ℃ and cutting hard materials with hardness up to 50HRC). Additionally, this product has great wear and tear resistance. The cutting speed of the cemented carbide tool is 4-7 times higher than that of high-speed steel, and the tool life is 5-80 times longer. The life of this product's manufacturing molds and measuring tools is 20 to 150 times longer than that of alloy tool steel.

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