APMT Insert

APMT inserts are the special cutting tools which are single sided with 2 cutting edges. The strong geometry design enables to deal with alloy steel, stainless steel, and cast iron. It has the strong pocket design with excellent chip evacuation, extreme well ramping and slotting capabilities. The essence of the cutting process is that the workpiece cutting layer produces plastic deformation under the extrusion of the front edge of the cutter, and becomes a complicated process of cutting. In the process of many physical phenomena such as cutting force, cutting heat, tool wear and tool life, chip curling and the chip-breaking, etc., have close relationship with the deformation of the metal, will affect the machining quality, productivity and production cost. APMT will be a great choice for end users, since it can significantly improve productivity.

APMT Insert

APMT Insert Series

Widely used among workers in various industries, extremely helpful for many businesses.ISO9001 passed Tungsten Carbide Inserts. Processing methods from precision machining to semi-finishing.
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