Cermet Inserts

Estool cermet inserts provide long tool life and excellent surface finish for all machining applications. High surface quality met through a combination of toughness and superior wear resistance.
This will enable you to choose the perfect tools for your demand application. When talking of high-performance cutting, cermet inserts from Estool is your best solution.
Cermet is a trend to use in CNC cutting processing in the future, We provides a standard type of cermet turning inserts such as TNMG/CNMG/WNMG/CCMT/TCMT/DCMT/DNMG, etc.

Cermet Inserts
Cermet inserts are made of the ceramic bonded metal composite prepared by powder metallurgy. Cermet inserts compare to other materials, with the advantage of long tool life and excellent surface finish, combining toughness with superior wear resistance.

Your Best Cermet Inserts Manufacturer

With over 10 years of experience and knowledge, we provide total cutting tool solutions. Complying to international standards, we design and develop the best quality and cost-effective cermet inserts solutions for our customers. Estool cermet inserts are produced based on extensive knowledge and competencies.
Being a provider of total solutions, you can surely benefit and enjoy the best possible production conditions. We integrated into research and development, production, marketing, and exporting services.
Not only cermet inserts, but we also offer a comprehensive range of tools including special inserts, carbide turning inserts, Vertical milling cutting inserts, Indexable milling inserts, non-standard special-shaped products – and so on. We also produce various kinds of cermet inserts as per request; technical drawing and sample.

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