Peeling Inserts

Explore our range of precision carbide inserts for bar peeling and turning operations. Our inserts are engineered for high-performance machining, ensuring exceptional durability and surface finish. Whether you need inserts for roughing, finishing, or specialized applications, we have you covered. With advanced materials and cutting-edge designs, our inserts deliver consistent results and maximize productivity. Browse our selection today for superior cutting solutions.

Peeling Inserts
Our bar peeling inserts offer precision peeling operations for bar stock and tube materials. Designed to achieve smooth surface finishes and tight tolerances, they excel in high-speed peeling applications, delivering uniformity and efficiency.

Bar Peeling Inserts Manufactuer in China

Bar peeling inserts are used for steel turning (stainless steel, bearing steel, alloy steel, spring steel etc), copper, titanium, magnesium, aluminum round bars, pipes, wire rods and wires, which can quickly remove bars surface cracks, oxide layers or decarburized layers, bar peeling inserts not only can be processed into high-precision and high-quality silver-bright bars, tubes, wires, but also the efficiency far exceed than traditional processes.

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