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Return Policy

In order to improve the after-sales system and strive to make consumers more satisfied, the company implements the return and exchange system. Customers who meet the return and exchange conditions and are approved to return or exchange, please implement the following terms (except for other return and exchange systems specified for special products):

1. Return and Exchange Objects:
All customers who purchase the company's products, regardless of the delivery method and payment method, can return and exchange goods according to the provisions.

2. Return and Exchange Conditions:
1) Products with quality problems (the company is not responsible for the quality problems caused by its own reasons).
2)The returned goods must meet the following basic conditions:
 Goods are not polluted;
 The package of the goods is complete (including the internal and external packaging), and the goods should be in the original state of brand new  and unused, and the same state as when you received the goods, which does not affect the secondary sales;
 At the same time, return the original packing box and delivery package of the goods, as well as all accessories, labels, freight bills, product certificates, instructions, invoices (if any) and all gifts (if any).

3、Handling Method of Refund
After receiving the goods returned by you within the specified period, if the goods and accessories (if any) are confirmed to be in good condition, and the labels, invoices and gifts (if any) are complete, the company will return the payment you have paid for the goods to you according to law.

4、 Precautions for Return and Exchange:
 If the returned goods do not meet the conditions of this return and exchange policy, our company will not accept your return and exchange, nor can we realize the refund.
 If you fail to return the invoice, accessories or gifts (if any), the company reserves the right to deduct the market price of the invoice tax, accessories or gifts from the payment you have made.
 If you do not return the invoice, accessories or gifts in an order, but the company does not deduct the market price of the invoice tax, accessories or gifts, or does not require you to return the above-mentioned articles and materials, it shall not be deemed that the company waives the relevant claims.
 Customers can call the after-sales hotline of the company for consultation.

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