Stainless Steel Inserts

Estool Turning Inserts has an excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Generally, it can resist corrosion by the atmosphere, acid, alkali, etc., and is not easily oxidized.
The compressive strength of cemented carbide is as high as 6000MPa and the elastic modulus is (4 ~ 7) × 105Mpa, which are all higher than that of high-speed steel.

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Stainless Steel Inserts
Tackle the rigidity of stainless steel with our specially crafted stainless steel inserts. Designed with cutting-edge geometries and grades, they minimize work hardening and provide exceptional wear resistance, ensuring smooth and efficient machining.

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Our stainless steel inserts are specially formulated for machining stainless steel materials, offering excellent wear resistance and thermal stability. With advanced coatings and geometries tailored for stainless steel machining, these inserts provide high-quality surface finishes and dimensional accuracy, making them the ideal solution for demanding stainless steel machining applications.

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