Lathe machine cutting tools tungsten carbide drilling inserts 800-06T308M-I-G for Deep Hole Machining with PVD coating


Item NO.:800-06T308M-C-G

Coating: PVD Coating

Application: Deep Hole Machine

Structure: Indexable  drilling inserts

Material: Cemented carbide

Feature: High Performance Cutting

Place of Origin: Hunan, China

Customized support: OEM


Products Description

Grades Description:

CVD coated cemented carbide
GradeDescriptionEquivalent to ISO
YC1015MT-CVD coated, the substrate with excellent wear resistance in combination with MT-TiCN,fine grained AL2O3TiN multi-layer coating, which is suitable for finishing of steel.P05-P15
YC1025MT-CVD coated, Cutting edge with good toughness in combination with  TiCN+Al2O3(thick)+TiN multi-layer coating,which is suitable for semi-finishing of steel.P10~P25
YC1035MT-CVD coated, the substrate with excellent toughness and plastic deformation resistance in combination with TiCN+Al2O3(thick)+TiN multi-layer coating, which is suitable for roughness of steel.P20-P35
YC1125Special strength toughness of the insert substrates,perfect combinations with MT-TiCN,ultra fine AL2O3,coatings ,common grade for steel,suitable for steel,cast iron,stainess steel in semi-finishing,finishingP10~P25
YC1315The combination of high wear-resistant substrate with MT-TiCN,fine grained Al2O3 and TiN coatings,is a ideal grade of finishing processing of steel,stainess steel in the case of hight speed cutting.P10~P25
YC1325With optimized toughness and hardness of the substrate and MT-TiN, fine grain Al2O3 and TiN coating and with a special post-treatment process, the formation of excellent performance of the double-color coating, suitable for steel, stainless steel and cast iron in semi-finishing and finishingP10~P25
YC1335Substrate with high strength and strong resistance to plastic deformation combined with MT-TiCN,fine grained Al2O3 and TiN coating having great toughness,is suitable for light load ronghing of steel,stainess steel and cast ironP10~P25
YC2105MT-CVD coated, the super fine grain size substrate with excellent hardness in combination with  Al2O3(extra thick)  coating, the smooth surface, which is suitable for turning and milling of grey cast iron at high speedK05-K15
YC2115MT-CVD coated, the substrate with excellent hardness and stripping resistance in combination with Al2O3(thick) coating, the smooth surface of the tools, which is suitable for turning and milling of cast iron at middle and high speed.K10-K30
YC2215High wear-resistant substrate, new generation coating process with perfect combination of MTTI (CN), Super Al2O3, TiCN coating, initial grades of ductile cast iron, forged cast iron, high cutting speed allowanceK10~K30


PVD coated cemented carbide 
GradeDescriptionEquivalent to ISO
YP30252-4um TiALN PVDcoated,combinating with ultra  fine particles'substrates with high-toughness, suitabe for all materials,stainless steel, steel,  cast alloy in finishing,semi-finishingP10-P25
YP31252-4um ALCr+ALCrSiN PVDcoated,combinating with ultra  fine particles'substrates with high-toughness, suitabe for all materials,stainless steel, steel , cast alloy in finishing,semi-finishing P10-P25
YP32252-4um AlCr + AlCrSiN PVD coating, combined with ultra-fine particle matrix, has high wear resistance, suitable for finishing and semi-finishing of heat-treated steel ,stainless steel and quenched steel P10-P25
YP3330The latest AlCr + AlCrSin PVD coatings, combined with ultra-fine particle substrates, has high wear resistance and excellent performance in finishing and semi-finishing of  stainless and hardened steel P10-P25
YR3025Unique material matrix, with 2-4um TiAlN PVD coating, with high toughness and heat resistance, suitable for high temperature alloy, heat resistant alloy and other difficult to process materials finishing, semi-finishingS10-S25
YR3325The latest AlCr + AlCrSin PVD coatings, combined with unique rare metal substrates, offer high wear resistance and excellent performance in finishing and semi-finishing of superalloys and heat resistant alloysS10-S25

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1. All our supply is original CNC carbide insert;
2. Large store in our storehouse for CNC carbide insert;
3. Have good price for these turning, milling, threading and  drilling CNC turning inserts and  cemented carbide cutting blades for lathe.

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Q1: Are you a trading company or manufacturer
A1: We are a manufacturer of carbide inserts. Our factory located in Zhuzhou  City, Hunan Province. Welcome to visit our factory!
Q2: What is your minimum order requirement?
A2: OEM and customization are available. we accept the small trial order, big order will get a big discount. and try our best to service our customers.
Q3: What is the delivery time for production?
A3: We usually prepare rich stock for delivery upon payment, 30-35 days for items without stock.
Q4: Can you make Non-Standard items?
A4: We are specialized in inserts R&D, welcome specical items .
Q5: What about the package?
A5: We use plastic boxes to pack our products, and filled plastic is shockproof and transported in cartons. also It can make as you need and depend on the shapes of the product.

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