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What Carbide Inserts Make Which Cuts

What Carbide Inserts Make Which Cuts

Carbide inserts are cutting tools used in machining processes to make various types of cuts. Different types of carbide inserts are designed for specific cutting applications. Here is a detailed expla...

What is the difference between turning and milling?

What is the difference between turning and milling?

Turning and milling are two fundamental machining processes used in the manufacturing industry to shape and finish workpieces. While both processes involve removing material from a workpiece, they dif...


1.We are more professional:

    Professional know-how technicians, advanced manufacturing technology, strict testing standard to ensure performance of every piece.

2.We are more closer to market:

    We carry a full stock of carbide inserts for turning, milling, threading, drilling and grooving, with competitive lead time within 3 working days for standard type.

3.We are more closer to success:

    With rich experience in metal processing and application, we can offer solutions to any of your problems in metalworking.

4.Think more about our customers:

    One-stop shopping. Due to the diversity of metal processing, we can offer expert advice on specific design criteria,products customization are offered, without shape and size restriction. Special department to integrate resources for your other needs, except for carbide inserts.


Hunan Estool Co.,Ltd. was established in March 2018.It is located in the national development zone of high and new technological industry of Zhuzhou city, Hunan province, which is called the hometown of cemented carbide in China. Our company have a young but hardworking and very professional staff group,which were all graduated from colleges and majoring in materials or machinery.

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